Saturday, August 22, 2009

One Group's Member Discounts!

Dear Readers,

This post is to inform you of One Group's Member Discounts.  Please refer to the excerpt from my website. Should you have any further questions or clarification do not hesitate to contact me through my profile or at the contact info attached at the end of this post;o)

Preferred Customers

Discount Rates (Excluding Tax)
Initial order any value No Discount *
Subsequent orders any value Retail less 10% *
Loyalty Program - accumulate 150 PV & your NEXT order receives a 20% discount Retail less 20% *
After the 20% discount order, your Loyalty Points will return to zero and your discount will continue at 10% until you reach 150PV again. Please note, Loyalty Points are not assigned to the 20% discount order.
* All Preferred Customer orders under $100 (£50) - excluding tax incur $7.95 (£3.95) Shipping Charge.
Hope this post has helped and alerted you that "discounts for members" does exist. Remember the more the purchase the quicker it is to enjoy the 20% off plus you are exempted from paying shipping charges.
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