Friday, August 21, 2009

A Taste of the Tropics.

One fact, I'm a huge fan of lotions and this formula has definitely become THE lotion I always reach for right after a shower.  I also carry around the travel size version in my purse to keep my hands moisturized.  The Miessence lotions are unique mainly because they are formulated at just the right consistency to be easily absorbed by the skin which means no clogging of pores. I have also tested it on hot humid summer days with very pleasing results -- no greasiness. One major issue I have always encountered  with most formulas in the past is the fact that they were either way too thick in consistency in addition to their overpowering scents.
The Tropicana Body Milk Formula contains skin loving ingredients which will leave your skin feeling luxurious.  The fresh subtle coconut and tantalizing frangipani scents definitely contribute to making this product so divine.  My children are also huge fans of this product and quite honestly I can't blame 'em. It's too good to resist. My last bottle was received as a perk (free) with purchase during the In-Liven Probiotic promotion back in March of this year and  I'm beginning to get worried since less than quarter is remaining in this bottle.  I definitely need to add a few to this month's order so I can assign one bottle to my children and one for hubs and I.  I'm so glad that my children are also into organics.  Whenever they step out of the shower, they request to be be lathered in their favorite Organic Formula.  How cute is that, huh? I trust that this mini review was helpful.
Wishing you all good health as always!      


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