Thursday, September 10, 2009

Botanical Perfumes Now Available!

Dear readers,
Miessence has just recently added  Botanical Perfumes to their ever growing range of Organic products. I knew this was in the making and am just so thrilled to see it finally launched.  You can read all about this new addition on my site. There are full sizes available, a sample collection and also the trial sizes. The latter is awesome and allows you to try a few at a time to figure out which scent you like best. I'm more drawn to perfumes with floral notes so this will help me narrow my choices.
I'm truly excited about this new launch mainly because there is a scent for everyone minus the toxins.  Goodbye toxic perfumes and hello to Miessence Botanicals! On this day I am definitely doing the happy dance!
Below are the 6 scents available.
Love - Floral Botanical Perfume
A delicate bouquet of the most precious flowers of high perfumery blended with a sweet combination of powdery musk and vanilla warmth. Seduce the senses with exquisite memories. Soft, floral, and romantic.
Peace, passion, and intense romance. The warmth that fills your heart when you hear the words ‘I love you’. Wild flowers, sweetly fresh-plucked. Long langorous tropical evenings redolent with the comforting sweetness of jasmine calm tension and reawaken passion. Soft springtime weddings bathed in delicately bitter-sweet orange blossom on gentle breezes inspire sensual ease and harmony. A perfect dewy bloom with the exquisite sweetness of rose nurtures the heart to inspire wellbeing and love. Holidays in the tropics, in the voluptuous aroma of ylang ylang, soothe the senses, to open and centre the heart. The enticement of straight-from-the-oven vanilla warmth provokes a feeling of well-being and joy.
For when you want to feel.....
blossoming, romantic, love, sweetness, beauty, adoration, harmony, heart, charming, enchanting, flirtatious, passionate, glamorous
Top notes – Indian frangipani and Italian mandarin
Heart notes – Egyptian jasmine, Italian orange blossom, Bulgarian damask rose, Madgascan ylang ylang
Base notes – Vanuatuan vanilla bourbon, Indian Ambrette seed
Botanical Perfumes are not included in ONEgroup's Replacement and Return Policy.
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Wild - Oriental Floral Botanical Perfume
A sweet and heady mix of oriental resins, opulent flowers, fragrant spices and amber. Dare to risk where the Orient can take you. Enchanting, sensual and exotic.
Unlock the magic of an alluring love potion. Dare to find the freedom of intimate confidence in yourself. The spicy strength of cinnamon unblocks warmth, energy and connection. Clove helps to create space for new experiences. The fresh sweetness of geranium serenely connects you to natural rhythms and the relentless tempos of love. The mesmeric, musky, sexy scent of patchouli brings a calming peace while the sweet aroma of fennel brings creativity. Colour and chaos, heightened senses, rhythmic melodies and the passionate dance of divine fervour. A sensual journey of discovery with a comfortable and alluring confidence and security.
For when you want to feel.....
alluring, captivating, divine, ravishing, erotic, sensual, daring, rhythmic, intense, confident, intimate, risky, adventurous, fascinating, mesmeric, enrapturing, hypnotising, riveting, mysterious, extravagant, ecstatic
Top notes – French fennel and Sri Lankan cinnamon
Heart notes – French orris root, Egyptian geranium, Bulgarian damask rose
Base notes – Chinese benzoin resin, Indonesian patchouli, Somalian myrrh, Vanuatuan vanilla bourbon
Botanical Perfumes are not included in ONEgroup's Replacement and Return Policy.
Still undecided? Why not purchase a trial size ? Click Here
Free - Citrus Floral Botanical Perfume
A cocktail of citrus fruits harmonised by hints of floral, woody and musky notes. Sweet youth meets cool sophisticate. Tangy, fresh and uplifting.
Learn to take life less seriously. Rediscover your inner child. The fresh lightness of bergamot imbues a sunny effervescence to the spirit and cheers the soul. Fresh, tingling lemon uplifts the mind and enlivens the body, to bring clarity and conciseness to your thoughts. The tangy freshness of lime returns you to a settled place, calming the emotions; bringing harmony and tranquility. At its heart, the serene and softly bitter-sweet scent of orange blossoms remind us to trust and smile with spiritual purity. Flowers bathed in dew. Little noses buried in roses. The spirit of youth, freedom, fun and the energy to relive each new dawn in the joy of being alive.
For when you want to feel.....
sweet, young, fresh, invigorating, vivacious, blissful, sparkling, jubilant, crisp, green, clear, invigorating, refreshing, stimulating, bright, effervescent, clean, light, sharp, energetic, spiritual, joyful, carefree, cheerful
Top notes – Italian lemon, orange and bergamot, West Indian lime
Heart notes – Bulgarian damask rose, Italian orange blossom
Base notes – French tonka bean, Australian sandalwood, Indonesian patchouli
Botanical Perfumes are not included in ONEgroup's Replacement and Return Policy.
Still undecided? Why not purchase a trial size ? Click Here

Brave - Chypre Floral Botanical Perfume
Redolent of the forest floor with a heart of delicate woods and earthy mosses complemented by a fresh, citrus bouquet. Assert the complexity that’s uniquely you; alluring, charismatic and sensual; vibrant, earthy and green.
Recall the vibrant, rich harmony of forest havens. Energetic and alluring, yet calm and deep. The abundant earthiness of vetiver imbues the calm, reassuring strength of Mother Earth. Warm and spicy, the aroma of sandalwood imbues the quiet strength and stability of the great trees – offering a higher perspective from which to view life. The magnetic, ethereal note of oak moss is both intriguing and impressive. And cedarwood, with its delicate woody aroma, connects to your sense of courage and strength. Calming yet refreshing, like a grove of citrus trees, sparkling fresh at dawn. The sharpness of bergamot, orange and lemon infuse their energy into the spirit and reassure the soul. Irresistible and effervescent, with a calm, sensual, strength that is undeniably charismatic.
For when you want to feel.....
daring, strong, reassured, primordial, creative, courageous, stable, exuberant, charming, sensual, intriguing, impressive, quiet, persuasive, alluring, energetic, enticing, charismatic, magnetic, calm
Top notes – Italian lemon, orange and bergamot
Heart notes – Italian orange blossom, Madagascan ylang ylang br> Base notes – Madagascan vetiver, Australian sandalwood, Macedonian oakmoss
Botanical Perfumes are not included in ONEgroup's Replacement and Return Policy.
Still undecided? Why not purchase a trial size ? Click Here

Calm - Fougere Floral Botanical Perfume
Warm, gracious and elegant, this affirming composition of warm woods has a sweet and musky heart harmonised with aromatic herbs and spices. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and live the moment in an aura of controlled sensuality and self-confidence.
Journey to the land that time forgot to inhale aromatic incense and perfumed woods woven with sensual oriental spices. The floral sweetness of geranium brings emotional balance and harmony, serenely connecting you to natural rhythms. You're warm and secure, complete and close, aware and attuned to every subtlety of nature. Fresh, soft lavender urges you to nurture yourself. Fall in love with the natural yearning for sacred peace and grace. Find a fusion of temporal and sacred. From the bustle of crowds and noise outside, step in to find peace, silence and meditation, Find harmony between physical reality and inner truth as richly sweet benzoin and tonka bean melt resistance and the euphoric warmth of aromatic wood subtly resonates immovable strength and courage.
For when you want to feel.....
virtuous, poised, magnanimous, balanced, harmonious, aware, powerful, sensual, sacred, worthy, inspired, elegant, graceful, peaceful, protected, calm, still, tranquil, supported
Top notes – Italian bergamot, Egyptian geranium
Heart notes – French lavender and tonka bean, Sri Lankan clove bud
Base notes – Australian sandalwood, French atlas cedarwood, Chinese benzoin resin, Vanuatuan vanilla bourbon
Botanical Perfumes are not included in ONEgroup's Replacement and Return Policy.
Still undecided? Why not purchase a trial size ? Click Here
Delicious - Gourmand Floral Botanical Perfume
A delicious dessert of chocolate, honey and vanilla with a floral hint of sweet jasmine. A fragrant treat sexier than chocolate and sweeter than sin. Divinely decadent and dulcet.
Rich and dark cocoa and fresh, delectable vanilla to add intrigue and depth. Euphoric and comforting. The sensual delight of cup-cakes warm from the oven. The sweet seduction of honey dripping off toasted crumpets. Exotic. Compelling jasmine, reawakens passion and inspires sensual delight. Satisfying and primordial vanilla to comfort the child within. Mouthwatering toasted marshmallows over a crackling fire. Deliciously warm towels on a frosty morning. Sensual and comforting. Luscious and passionate. Always and forever, the enchanting delight that’s intriguingly, deliciously, delectably you.
For when you want to feel.....
enchanting, luscious, sweet, passionate, delightful, intriguing, delectable, heavenly, succulent, delicious, sensual, ambrosial, heavenly, rare, mouthwatering, scrumptious, tempting, yummy
Top notes – Italian bergamot
Heart notes – Egyptian jasmine, Tanzanian cocoa absolute and Laotian honey absolute
Base notes – Vanuatuan vanilla bourbon
Botanical Perfumes are not included in ONEgroup's Replacement and Return Policy.
Still undecided? Why not purchase a trial size ? Click Here

Stay well and happy spritzing without the toxins!


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