Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Organic babies.

As always, it's never a frantic wait for my orders from Miessence simply because they do extremely well at shipping out orders promptly -- placed my order on Sept. 11th. and it arrived on the 14th. I will say it's a good thing I was at home when the courier  driver came knocking on my door.  Why do I say that? Well to say the least, my boys kept repeatedly asking if I had gotten their favorite toothpaste.  So on that note, they would have been upset if we had missed this delivery. It makes me so happy that my boys, ages 5 and 3 years old are already loving the feel and good results from using Organic products.  They haven't grasped the real reason behind us boycotting conventional products, but sure enough they will at some point.  They are so hooked on the Miessence Skin Care products -- toothpaste being their absolute favorite. Even at this tender age, they have a solid routine of their own -- in no particular order slathers on the Miessence Tropicana Body Milk or Intensive Body Cream and Tahitian Breeze Deodorant. I wouldn't go into details with their haircare regimen -- maybe another post but it's quite similar to skin and body care.  It's just fun to watch 'em in action. I'm sure if mom isn't around to oversee this daily routine they might resort to emptying an entire bottle of lotion over their little bodies........LOL

Anyway, a few days ago upon receiving my package, I was super excited to hold these babies in my hand.  Look how cute these are and just perfect for traveling -- even on short trips.  This way guaranteed, your Organic Beauty regime goes wherever you go.  It  also makes an ideal gift and a great addition to any guest room/bathrooms. And ideally it's a great way to introduce a friend or relative to Certified Organic products.  This photo will have to suffice until you see for yourself how uber cute these are. 

It always makes me this excited whenever receiving one of these packages. It's like a kid in a candy shop besides I know for a fact, not only am I avoiding the unhealthy toxins but this is also my contribution to the preservation of this beautiful planet of ours. And as a reminder, if you'd like to receive the above free, then follow this link  and place an order for the full size version -- current promotional offer
Until next time, stay healthy and wisely say NO to toxins in your beauty products!

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