Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Hennasooq's Sale Alert

Calling all fellow or wanna-be Henna-Heads!

Have you been waiting on that special sale to fill up your carts? Then if you haven't heard, my favorite Henna Supplier is currently running a sale just for keeping in touch with their blog. How cool is that, right? At least that was my first reaction. Do also check out their Free Products Section to learn about their current freebies.
Now until October 11th, you have this chance at either re-purchasing your favorite grade of henna or here's your opportunity to finally ditch the chemical hair dyes. Use this code upon checkout to claim your 15% discount -- Blog15 (enter code as is without the use of caps.)

Got questions or comments? Email The Hennasooq directly at or get in touch with them at 905-230-4651


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