Monday, October 5, 2009

My Organic Baby Certified Organic -- Baby Food Range

Over this past weekend I was so thrilled to discover this somewhat new range of Certified Organic Baby food.  My children somehow were fascinated with the baby products as we walked through the isle at our local Drug Store and that's how this range caught my eyes. 

I'm positive that many Canadian moms will share my excitement mainly because it's the first range of Certified Organic baby food -- free of pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, artificial flavours and colors.   Oh, how I wished such a range existed back when I had my babies.  It's always a good thing to be presented with options like Organic versus Commercial foods.  Instead, I found myself at that time traveling from store to store to hunt for such certified foods. 

Their range consists of Baby Formula which is available in two forms -- Lactose and Soy based. Babies who are lactose intolerant will surely benefit from the latter and still receive the benefits of an Organic Formula. In addition, they have made available, Vegetables & Fruit (jarred), Cereal, Juices, Teething Biscuits and a variety of Fruit Friends.

Visit their site for product specifics and their where to buy list.

Babies are precious and deserve a complete Organic diet! 


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