Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Advantages of Laser Hair Removal

Guest post by Carlos Rabanillo
We live in a society where we go to extreme lengths to look great, this can include daily shaving with a razor leaving our skin full of uncomfortable shaving rash or putting hot wax on our bodies and ripping it off in sheer agony, just to ensure we are hair free.
When you think of it, it is really barbaric in a way, the lengths we go to in order to remove unwanted hair from our legs, under arms and bikini line. These days more people are choosing laser hair removal, a painless process which removes hairs from the root, compared to traditional hair removal methods, this is less barbaric and offers long lasting results.

Longer Lasting
The main advantage of laser hair removal is that it is long lasting. The hair appears to grow back slower and is reduced in thickness, this means that you won’t need to shave every day or wax on a regular basis, the hair takes longer to grow reducing the amount of strain we put on our bodies to look good.
The procedure is really easy, it’s a device which is gently placed over the area with hair, and the hair is removed from the root in a pain free manor leaving you with smooth and silky skin.

Sensitive Skin
There are thousands of people worldwide that suffer with sensitive skin. The problem with sensitive skin is once you start shaving or waxing the area, the skin becomes inflamed and painful. The act of shaving can be agony and this reduces the amount of times you can shave, leaving you with stubble or hair within a few days.

Reduced Hair Growth
Other people have hair that grows quickly, shave legs in the morning and have hard and stubborn stubble by the afternoon. Some of these people go to the extreme and shave twice daily in order to enjoy the smoothness of hairless skin.
Laser hair therapy not only reduces the growth rate but reduces the thickness of the hair, this means often when regrowth occurs it is softer to the touch and there is less of it, a bonus to many.
Can you remember your last wax? You sat in anticipation as hot wax is spread onto the hair and dries, you hold your breath, squeezing your eyes shut as you get ready for them to rip it off. The pain can be unbearable for many as the dried wax is ripped off your body pulling the hair out with it. Surely this isn’t natural? Where on earth did they come up with the idea? Yet thousands of women go through this pain on a regular basis, just to meet the demands of society and have a hair free skin.
Laser hair therapy is simply painless in comparison, it works from the root removing the hair as it goes, reducing the growth rate and therefore reducing the amount of times you need to do the laser each month. A slower growth rate, the less you need to remove hair, therefor the less strain you are putting on your skin.
Permanent Results
There is one downfall to laser hair therapy that many people don’t understand. Many women expect the results to be permanent, this is not the case. You will need to have regular treatments, but the hair will grow back thinner and slower, this is where the advantage comes into play.
There is no permanent side to laser hair therapy, instead it is a less painful and barbaric way to remove unwanted hair from your body and therefore is the safest and easiest way to enjoy hairless skin.
You don’t have to have it done at a salon either, you can enjoy Tria home hair removal laser in your own home, do it at your leisure as and when you need to remove unwanted hair.


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