Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Breakfast – The Most Overlooked Meal of the Day

Today's guest post focuses on the importance of indulging in breakfast and comes to us by  Carlo Pandian.

Carlo Pandian is a food lover and blogs on technology, food and health. He is always busy learning on new local products and loves the organic milk delivery by Milk & More. When he’s not online, he likes gardening and volunteering at his local community center.

almond flour muffins Breakfast is perhaps not just the most overlooked meal, as many stressed out workers will also admit to often skipping lunch as well. However, breakfast has in recent years become known by health professionals as the most important meal of the day and research shows that it is also the most skipped meal of the day. This decision to skip results in (less-than-healthy) snacking during the day, something which is also an issue for those who skip their lunchtime too. A good breakfast is
important because it helps to kick start your day, has been shown to improve concentration levels and, of course, stops that snacking bug take hold. For those on a diet, skipping breakfast may seem like a good idea, but in fact filling up at this time of day can help you to stave off hunger throughout the morning. While dieting may be one reason for skipping this crucial meal, a lack of time is probably the reason most individuals would give for this missing of meals. Here are some simple, easy to prepare breakfast ideas that will help you to hit the ground running every day.

Move Away from the Cake Shop
If your commute takes you past a cake shop everyday (and let’s face it, whose doesn’t?), it is crucial that you find an alternative to the treble choc chip muffin such as a simple, plain doughnut. The plain snack will contain only a couple of hundred calories, while a muffin is required by law to contain at least five hundred. The carbohydrate content in both is the important bit for stoking up those inner fires and providing you with energy to meet the day’s challenges. A nice big handful of almonds will compliment a plain doughnut and add a little sweetness to the mix. Don’t undo all the good work
with a full-fat latte on the side but opt for a small milk or fruit shake.

Yoghurt, anyone? Getting Blended Early in the Day
Obviously the shake mentioned above can be created at home and it can offer a tempting choice for kids. Milk, yogurt and a little fruit of your choice, are quick to blend together to create what appears to be confectionary and looks nothing like breakfast. Essential vitamins and minerals are, however, sneakily contained in the milk. An added bonus is that with very little effort you’ve also managed to deploy one or two of those five a day, before the day knows what’s hit it! In the interests of ‘quick’ here, yes, blenders need cleaning; on that score I have one word for you: dishwasher.

Lunch at V's: Tomato+Basil+Cheese+Brown Bread The Breakfast Pizza (Yes...Really)
We’ve all had pizza for breakfast at some stage in our lives, haven’t we? However, by the time we have kids, for most of us at least, those days are long gone. However, pizza for breakfast is not as bad an idea as it seems. Pizza here means a healthy bit of crusty brown bread, smothered in soft cheese and topped with tomatoes, which is easily positioned as breakfast pizza. Capturing kids’ imaginations is half the battle with food. Some mornings it’s ninety nine per cent of the battle.

gluten free breakfast bars Breakfast Bars and Bluebirds
I’d like to say that Breakfast Bars are the healthy alternatives to a Mars Bar (well, no I wouldn’t, not really) but to be honest not all commercially produced breakfast bars are hugely healthy. You can, of course, make your own. This doesn’t sound easy, or rather the concept of rising at four o’clock in the morning, donning your apron and singing along merrily with the bluebirds as they begin the dawn chorus, is not necessarily everyone’s idea of the good life. Breakfast bars can be made in advance in bulk and stored, leaving you to doze peacefully while the cat to deals with the bluebirds. Basic ingredients should include oats, nuts, seeds and raisins, you can also add coconut if you enjoy it outside of a bounty bar. To bind together you will need butter, syrup and sugar; these are the less healthy additives which contain the calories; however the portion sizes are up to you and the nuts and fruit are the best known energy providing foods on the planet (more or less).

Strategies that Work
Generally, most healthy breakfasts are incredibly easy to prepare but they do take some advance planning and strategic shopping. The simplest way to ensure all ingredients are to hand is to arrange a weekly or daily vegetable box delivery. Daily delivery can be costly, unless your local milkman does fruit and veg too, so shop around for the best services. Whatever you do, remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it shouldn’t be skipped. 


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