Saturday, September 26, 2009

Suncoat products.

Suncoat is a renowned Canadian Company that offers a wide range of Organic and Natural Cosmetics. They are mostly known for their Water Based Nail Polishes but please do take a look at their other products -- Natural Nail Polish Remover, Mineral Eye Shadows (talc-free), Organic Lip Shimmers, Natural Liquid Foundation, Sugar Based Liquid Eyeliner, Natural Sugar Based Mascara, Hair Styling Aids and Lip Gloss.

Finding toxic-free nail polishes seem to be a daunting task for many so the next time you’re at your Health Food Store, do look for this brand. Speaking from personal experience, it does take a bit longer to dry which is due to the variation in ingredients  -- minus the synthetics. A few friends of mine have also had good results with their Mascara, Polishes and Hair Styling Aids. About one year ago I caved and bought their Sugar Based Eyeliner which in my opinion is by far a safer alternative than the convention drug store brands. The black is more of a subtle black and pretty fast drying however if your lids are oily then this may not be the product for you. I’d love to try the other color varieties in the near future. These retail for $12.99 in our Local Health Food Store. The prices on their website are a bit steep so the better option would be to hit the local stores.

Do take a peek at their website to learn more.


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