Monday, February 1, 2010

The Month of Love Promo!

Here's your chance to finally say goodbye to synthetic fragrances. It's also a wonderful opportunity to introduce products to your friends and loved ones that are completely free of all potentially harmful toxins.

To take advantage of this special promo, simply enter the promotion code 'cupid' at checkout. It's that simple! With this code, you are entitled  to a savings of 20% on Miessence® hand-blended, Certified Organic Botanical Perfumes .

Do you know of a friend that's on a hunt for chemical free fragrances? If so, kindly share this post with 'em. 

Wishing you all fantastic health as always!


Shane at Environmental Health-Wellness-Beauty,LLC said...

Hate perfumes you find at the mall. Full of chemicals and animal by products.

Robin @ said...

Hi Michelle,

I am on the search for the best organic fragrances Something light, fresh, and young. Any suggestions? Thanks!


GreenGirlOrganics said...

Hi Robin,

That all depends on the type of scent(s) you are awakened by. Personally, I'm into citrus and floral scents:) I suggest you take a few minutes to browse through the different varieties on this page: Love, Wild & Free seem to offer some of what you're after. Hope this helps:)


GreenGirlOrganics said...

Thanks for stopping by Shane and yes, you're absolutely right on. I always steer clear of the synthetic isles. It gives me a headache and so no good for my sinus.

Green Tea said...

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GreenGirlOrganics said...

@Green Tea - That means a lot. Thank you kindly:)