Friday, April 9, 2010

How do you start your day?‏

If you' re like many people these days, you hit the ground running with too many things to do, and often don't have time to sit down for breakfast - the most important meal of the day. BUT you do feel good about grabbing an energy, protein or vegetable drink, yogurt or breakfast bar, especially since your morning coffee already filled you up. Who could go wrong there?
Unfortunately, you can. Aspartame and Sucralose, synthetic sweeteners that can harm your body, are found in some of the so-called, healthy, supplemental drinks and foods mentioned above. Aspartame breaks down into two dangerous chemical compounds in the human body: formic acid and formaldehyde. Formic acid is an irritant - the same chemical produced by fire ants - and doesn't belong in the bloodstream. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogenic (cancer causing) preservative. It causes allergies, contact dermatitis, headaches, and chronic fatigue. The noxious vapour is extremely irritating to the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and throat.
What the research reveals  
NaturalNews ( informs us that scientists from Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston have revealed results from a study outlining some of the effects of artificial sweeteners on the body. Conducted on a group of 3,000 women, the results indicated that those who drank two or more artificially-sweetened beverages a day doubled their risk of more-rapid-than-normal kidney function decline. The 11-year study evaluated the effects of all sweetened drinks on progressive kidney decline and discovered that two or more diet drinks leads to a two-fold increase in rapid kidney decline incidences.
When [the artificial sweetener] aspartame was first approved in the 1970s under the name "NutraSweet", studies were submitted as supposed proof that the artificial chemical was safe. The FDA initially approved the chemical in 1974 for use in a limited number of foods based upon the studies submitted by G.D. Searle Co., the company that invented aspartame.
A discovery made shortly thereafter by a research psychiatrist found that aspartic acid, a primary ingredient in aspartame, caused holes to form in the brains of mice. Investigation revealed that aspartame had caused tumours, seizures, brain holes, and death in many of the studies. All negative findings had been altered or scrubbed from the final reports delivered to the FDA when aspartame was first reviewed.
A study published in the January, 2008 issue of the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health revealed that the newer artificial sweetener, sucralose, alters gut microflora and inhibits the assimilation of dietary nutrients.
The EU Food Commission, Canadian health officials, and the U.S. FDA all rejected the initial studies submitted by McNeil Nutritionals, the marketers of sucralose, because of the negative results. However they encouraged the company to continue researching until they "got it right". McNeil simply lowered the levels of sucralose used in their studies until an acceptable limit was found. After several tries, sucralose was finally approved.

If you are feeling betrayed by food companies that claim to have your best health in mind, you should be. The question to ask is why these harmful chemical additives are being added to what is being advertised as "healthy foods" and "smart choices" to begin your day.
And remember, our kids are consuming these supplemental drinks and foods too, and we're sticking them in their lunch boxes thinking we're doing something loving and nurturing.
What is the bottom line for a company who manufacturers and sells potentially dangerous products under the guise of "health drinks and food" - your health or their bank accounts? 

The bottom line is to get you and your loved ones healthy!
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Robin @ said...

Michelle, I completely avoid artificial sweeteners. I find the claims that using foods with artificial sweeteners can help you reduce your appetite to lose weight completely ridiculous. They have actually been proven to increase hunger and weight gain!
I recently started juicing and eating more fruit and I have never felt better. I totally recommend this to everyone for optimal energy and well being.

GreenGirlOrganics said...

Right on Robin. I'm glad you also avoid artificial sweeteners. My family and I steer clear of these...LOL At our home, we're never out of fresh organic fruits. Makes a great healthy snack for the kids too:)

LC David said...

Nice an excellent blog post, its best way to start day.
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GreenGirlOrganics said...

Absolutely! Thank you for commenting:)