Sunday, February 20, 2011

Are you wearing the wrong color nail polish?

Who doesn't enjoy a walk down the beauty isle? I do! In fact, I always feel like a kid in a candy shop upon every visit, even if I didn't venture out with the intent to shop for beauty items; I still savour that time spent looking at products. One section in particular that always gets my attention is the Nail Polish section and I know that comes as no surprise, especially to those of you who know me well. I'm a nail polish junkie. On several ocassions, I ran into ladies that just couldn't figure out how to choose the appropriate colors that compliment their skin tone, and of course, I rendered my assistance. I can totally understand this experience being overwhelming for some given the array of shades all lined up in a pretty row.

The Solution:

Shopping for Nail Polishes is basically the same concept as choosing the appropriate colors in clothing and makeup that will actually match and enhance your skin's undertone. This is why it's vital for you to figure out your skin's undertone and will ultimately aid tremendoulsy when you venture out shopping for makeup, nail polish or that next outfit.

Here's an awesome video that gives some insight for finding your skin's undertone. Zoya's Nail Color Expert also gives some color examples of how to match polishes perfectly to specific skin tones.

If you're one of those ladies that didn't even know what an undertone is, then I sure hope you figure out yours today.


Michelle @Radiant Brown Beauty said...

Thanks for sharing this. I think I wear just the right colors but this was good to view.

By the way, have you seen Sally Hansens new press on polish? It's real nail polish but you don't have to paint it on. I saw it it Allure magazine. Going to try it.

GreenGirlOrganics said...

Hooray for you, Mich. Glad you're wearing the appropriate colors for your skintone. It's really not that difficult once you figure out your undertone(s).

Yeah, I have seen the Sally Hansen press ons but not sure how they'd hold up since my fingers are constantly in and out of water. If you give them a try, please do a review on 'em. I'd love to hear your thoughts.