Saturday, February 26, 2011

DIY Eye Lash Conditioning Treatment

This natural DIY treatment is especially for those of you who are aiming to go a little greener with your beauty products. The big question for many seems to be, "where do I start?" Forget those toxic laden formulas that promise grand results and give this simple DIY Treatment a go. I think you will be majorly impressed, if used religiously. As in the case of anything you take on, consistency is key to yielding great results so just keep this in mind.

In my experience, I have encountered individuals who tend to believe that natural products aren't as effective as let's say, major conventional brands. And this clearly isn't the case as you can tell,  judging from my postings and photos.   I have a strong testimony of going natural with my beauty regime.   Our skin being the largest organ, absorbs every single ingredient we feed to it. Isn't this the real reason why you'd go out and splurge on a specific formula targetting wrinkles, per se? It's simply because you believe that your skin will absorb all those potent ingredients to iron out those wrinkles but, have you ever stopped to ponder what your skin does with the rest of the unnatural ingredients in that same formula? Ingredients such as parabens, phenoxythanol etc. Your skin absorbs those too! The latter ingredients will do my body no good but pollute my blood stream.  I'm hope  this picture gives you reason to choose more natural alternatives to such toxic laden products.

Making your own beauty products at home is indeed one great way of avoiding toxic substances and it's also an economical option since you may already have some of the ingredients at home.  And here's one ideal example. Start your green beauty regime today with this simple recipe.  Here it is, using only 3 ingredients -- all oils.


1 part Castor Oil
1 part Extra Virgin Olive Oil
A few drops of Vit E Oil OR 1 capsule


Combine all of the above ingredients  into a sanitized (spritz with rubbing alcohol) container of your choice and store in a cool dark place.  Before each use, gently shake to incorporate the oils. I suggest making this recipe in small batches to preserve it's freshness. And be sure to use the finest oils you can get your hands on.  I sourced mine from MountainRoseHerbs.

Curled lashes picutred below with this recipe on my lashes -- No Mascara!


Starting applying this concoction at the base of your lashes and work to the tips.  I store mine in mini lip gloss tubes because I feel like the sponge tip applicator is gentle on my eyes plus it's a better option in terms of sanitation.  I don't like the idea of dipping my finger into the oil.  This is just my preference though.   You may apply this at nights before retiring to bed or do like I do and curl lashes in the morning, then apply in place of mascara. And I repeat this at nights with the exception of curling lashes. Double application will only maximize your chances for healthier looking lashes.  It will definitely encourage hair growth and volume.

I'm on cloud nine that yet again another Natural DIY Beauty Treatment has given me beautiful results. I felt compelled to share this with you. I know it's not always easy to log in and leave me comments but please share your results, should you give this a go.  I'm eager to know how this will work for you.

Please Note:  Results may vary using this DIY Treatment. It's the same concept as using a finished product, which may or may not work for you. Kindly keep an open mind.

Here's to great looking lashes, naturally!


Tami W. (Facebook) said...

I have all three ingredients and ready to give it a try.

GreenGirlOrganics said...

Dearest Tami,

So glad you stopped by. My day is always brighter when you're around:) I think you're going to love this DIY Treatment. Please use it religiously and let me know it's effect on your lashes. I'm loving mine & don't plan on on ever dropping this from my natural beauty regime.



FaceFab said...

Beautiful Michy!
Do you have a previous or before to post along side for compare/contrast?

GreenGirlOrganics said...

E, thanks. No before & after photos simply because I didn't anticipate such amazing results. However, you may compare my lashes with photos on my FB albums & you're bound to see the difference. I may follow up with a future post w/pics.