Monday, February 14, 2011

More Hair Care Talk with Pics Overload -- Be warned:)

With reference to my last post, "Proper Winter Hair Care," I have decided to share some updated photos of my hair. These were all taken on a very frigid day. As I mentioned before, you can achieve healthy hair even during the winter time. And my hair is proof of that. I wish my hair looked this good when I was younger. I really do! I plan on growing out my hair but will keep trimming the ends to promote a healthier appearance. I just recently took about four inches off and as painful as that was I did a bit of change in hair style and wanted the bottom a more horizontal cut instead of the usual 'V' shape. I'm liking is so far.  I thought I should also add, I cut my own hair and have been doing so for some time now.  Upon  every visit to the salon, I got tired of shedding tears due to how much they'd take off from my length and just decided that I was going to go the DIY route.  So far so good and I don't plan on sitting in a stylist's chair any time soon.  Enjoy the photos and don't be afraid to share your thoughts. I always enjoy reading your comments.

And now for the photos:

I also wanted to share with you the following package (pictured right) I recently received from hennasooq, my source for henna powders.  Their most recent sale offered free shipping on both Canadian and US orders so I took advantage and ordered a good stock of Rajasthani Henna (500 grams)  and two powders that I piqued my interest. They are Bhringraj and Shikakai.

I'm so excited to incorporate these into my natural hair care regimen and will do an update post with my thoughts on these powders. 

Wishing you all a head full of healthy hair.

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