Thursday, July 26, 2012

How I re-use glass bottles

While it may be the norm to assign these bottles to the trash after using up it's contents, this just doesn't occur in my home.  We love  glass not only because it's prettier than plastic but also for it's hygiene factor.  Glass containers do not retain lingering food scents as plastic does and cleaning them is a breeze.  Before re-using, simply let them sit in warm soapy water then carefully remove the label. You may need a sharp object to help it slide off. I like using a stainless steel spoon then I go over it with a dish scrubber, rinse thoroughly and they are ready to store your favorite liquid.  

We go through a lot of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar and always look forward to re-using them.  They have been serving us well during this Summer season to house homemade juices and water. And the neat thing is, everyone gets their own bottle.

Think about it, re-using old containers is an absolute earth friendly option in addition to saving you from investing in actual juice or water bottles.

I hope you are inspired to try this in your own home.

Together we can preserve our planet one step at a time.



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