Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Moroccan Henna Powder Review

It's been six long years since I made the decision to color my hair with henna.  When it comes to caring for my hair, like my body, I carefully choose products within the low hazard to zero toxicity limit. And henna definitely falls into this safety category. Suffice it to say, henna is the best option for coloring your hair without compromising your health.    
During this six year journey of natural hair coloring, I have tried and tested all of the varieties sold by my favorite supplier - Hennasooq.  And although it was an awesome experience each time, I love each variety for varying reasons but  pleased to report that I instantly fell in love with their Moroccan crop.  

This is a superior henna powder in terms of sift, dye release and dye content.   A major plus about this henna is the fact that it washes out the hair easily. The length of time I spend in the shower washing out henna from my hair is equally  important  as it's other qualities. Wasting water to rinse away henna would NOT be in coherence with my sustainable way of life. So, yes, I was pleasantly surprised and extremely happy at how easily it was out of my hair.  This crop's finely milled powdered texture is specifically to be credited for it's ease of washing/rinsing out of hair.  

I'm also happy to report that it  left my hair feeling very soft and also visibly shiny.  As for the dye release, I achieve this in appoximately one hour which is awesome in terms of saving time.        
Unlike the other varieties I've tried, Moroccan henna results on my naturally dark brown hair is a lovely coppery shade of red instead of the usual flaming red.  

Moroccan Henna Powder on my dark brown hair pictured below:

Honestly, I have nothing negative to state about this henna. In fact, I can safely proclaim it has now become my Holy Grail of henna powders. On that note, I would like to thank the owner of the Henna Sooq, Khadija for recommending this henna powder.  It's perfect for my hair needs!
Loving it all the way!

Until next time, here's to coloring and caring for your hair naturally.

Disclaimer: I was NOT compensated to write this review neither was I provided with free product in exchange for the said review. These are my own thoughts and experience with the product.


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