Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Eco-friendly Eyeliner Tip

Hello beauties.  I know it seems like forever since I've updated with a beauty-wise post, hence have decided to share a neat tip with you today - one which was accidentally discovered when I was out of eyeliner.  As I was doing my makeup one day, several years ago,  I realized I had ran out of eyeliner and all I had in my makeup arsenal, was a tube of mascara.  And given the eyeliner addict I am, I simply couldn't step out the door without my winged look.  That's the moment when the brainstorming commenced. I knew I had to urgently  improvise with another product. Then suddenly I had that aha moment to use my Eco-friendly mascara as eyeliner.  As an avid DIYer, frugality definitely kicked in at that point and suffice it to say,  I was thrilled at the results of my impromptu idea.

Here are my findings from this experiment: 

  1. Loved the fact that eyeliner and mascara are identical in color instead of varying tones of black/brown.
  2. I was amazed at the staying power. 
  3. In the case of travelling, this tip is ideal due to space saving factor.
  4. And most importantly,  there's no need to splurge on separate products for beautifying the eyes. This is quite beneficial and saves one due to cost factor for Organic eyeliners. 

How to make your mascara function as an eyeliner?

Using a bent eye liner brush, like the one pictured above, pick up a small amount as required from the mascara brush and apply as you would using any gel eyeliner formula.  Allow to set thoroughly before curling your lashes!  Eye liner application simplified, right? Indeed!
On a side note,  I'm totally loving this Elf brush which I spontaneously picked up during my NY vacation last August. I wished the tip was a bit more pointy but still seem function for this type of application.

And the moment you all have been waiting for.  Pictured below is yours truly sporting this neat beauty tip/application.

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Until next time, here's to beautifying naturally.

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