Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Your Invitation To Celebrate With Us

ONEgroup invites you, your family, friends, co-workers, and anybody interested in joining a company that is redefining what an organic business is all about to join in a month long birthday celebration. As one of the world's leading suppliers of certified organic products, ONEgroup's green business practices and carbon negative standards have taken Miessence to another level altogether. Now we just have to continue to get out the word - and of course we couldn't do that without you!

Would you like to:

  • Save up to 40% on every Miessence order?
  • Receive special Organic product offers not available to the public?
  • Receive free shipping on all your qualifying monthly orders?
  • Gain access to some of the best organic educational information available?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, we've got a great once-a-year offer for you!

$8 Enrollment! (£5GBP, ¥700JPY) - For about the price of an organic lunch you can start your own organic business and become a part of our caring Miessence family while enjoying the discounts and income earning potential of the world's first certified organic business opportunity. That's over an 80% savings off our usual enrollment fee!

$50 to $100 gift certificates on all Fast Start and Super Fast Start orders - Yep, we'll also email you a generous $50 gift certificate when you enroll with a qualifying Fast Start order. Place a Super Fast Start order and you'll receive a $100 gift certificate good on any followup purchase of Miessence products. (* See the FAQ below for an explanation of Fast Start orders.)

Change your world and the planet by enrolling as a Miessence Representative for only $8 during the Birthday Blast 2011 celebration!


Q. When does the enrollment offer begin and end?

A. Beginning at 12:01AM on February 1, 2011, the offer will run for the entire month ending at 11:59PM February 28. All dates and times are Australian EST.

Q. What is a Fast Start or Super Fast Start order?

A. A Fast Start order is an order placed for the products you choose during the enrollment process that totals more than 250PV. A Super Fast Start order totals more than 600PV. We use the term PV, also known as Point Value, as a number assigned to all products. PV appears alongside a product's price in the shopping cart. Using PV numbers allows us to simplify and standardise our pricing offers to worldwide customers without introducing confusing international currencies and fluctuating exchange rates.

Q. Is there a minimum order amount required for this offer?

A. No. If you simply want to pay the $8 and not take advantage of the Birthday Blast Fast Start or Super Fast Start offers referenced above by placing an order, that's fine with us - however, we'd encourage placing a Fast Start or Super Fast Start order to receive the maximum savings possible.

Q. Can the Fast Start and Super Fast Start gift certificates be used on my first order?

A. No, the Birthday Blast 2011 gift certificates are not issued until after the new member's enrollment and first order are complete. Gift certificates will be emailed to all representatives no later than March 7.

Q. Am I obligated to make a monthly order?

A. Obligated - no. But you'll want to take advantage of our monthly ordering options to receive the highest discount levels and free shipping.

Q. I'm not sure that I want to build a business. Should I still enroll?

A. Absolutely! Many of our representatives have enjoyed the abundant benefits of our organic products by making regular monthly orders before deciding to build their own Miessence business.

Remember, our $8 Birthday Blast 2011 celebration enrollment offer is only valid in February.  For further questions, kindly contact me directly at: greengirlorganics@gmail.com Or to register as a Miessence Representative, follow this link  and click on Join Now.

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