Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Protecting Your Tresses

About Protect Hair Repair

Whether you're looking to repair your dry damaged hair or simply wanting to bring it to a healthier state, you may want to consider adding a product such as the Miessence Protect Hair Repair to your hair care regime. Why? That's because this wonderful product is formulated with Organic Rosehip seed oil which is know for it's moisturizing and anti-ageing properties and will be especially effective on dry brittle hair. Rosehip Seed is an absolute favorite of mine and I always opt for products containing this very beneficial oil. I can do an entire blog post on this oil but will briefly tell you it's used in many beauty products mainly beacause of it's awesome properties. It is also high in essential fatty acids which helps to promote healthy skin and hair.

Protect Hair Repair also contains other beneficial organic herbals which helps to promote body and overall strength of your hair. One more reason why you should use Protect Hair Repair is to protect your hair from the sun. Yes, heat is quite damaging to the hair and will eventually cause split ends. Split ends are not pretty neither is it easy to get rid off. Another plus about this product is the fact that is leaves your hair smelling great - botanical scent.

Product Usage:

It's super simple to use, simply shake and spritz on either dry or damp hair. I prefer the latter since I find it distributes more evenly. Then I like to run my fingers through and style as I normally would.

Sizes Avaiable:

This awesome product is available in two sizes, 8.5 ounces and a Trial Size. The Trial Size is just perfect for carrying in your purse for touch ups and also great for travelling.

Here's to healthy looking hair!

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